uClient App for Smart Displays

Userful uClient App

Perfecting Advanced Display Applications

Userful’s uClient app leverages the SoC capabilities of Smart Displays to remove the constraints of proprietary hardware—providing advanced display applications from digital signage to mission critical control rooms; without the need for any additional hardware at the display.


uClient currently supports:
LG Commercial Smart displays running  webOS 4.0

Hardware Free

Leveraging Smart Displays with Userful

The Userful uClient app is downloaded directly to a smart display, replacing the separate hardware device.

uClient connects the smart display directly to Userful cloud servers to enable powerful video walls, dashboards displays, and digital signs with only an internet connection. Manage video assets with new content or change schedules from anywhere on the planet with Userful’s easy cloud management tools.

On-Premise & Cloud Servers

The Best of Both Worlds

Userful’s control interfaces remain the same for both Cloud based and On-Premise solutions. This ensures that customers have the best of both worlds and can seamlessly integrate smart displays throughout the enterprise.

  Add an On-Premise Server

For more advanced display applications requiring interactivity or large numbers of simultaneous sources, an on-premise server can be added. This provides a full-featured platform that still leverages the software uClient for smart displays.


Userful Adapters 

An easier way to manage your digital display applications

Software Options

uClient  LG WebOS

LG's webOs software running on the LG smart displays.

uClient  Samsung Tizen

Tizen software running on the Samsung displays.

Hardware Options

Adapter  Zero Client

Installed onto the back of each display.

uClient Benefits

Why your business should use uClient


Hardware Free

No additional hardware required, just webOS enabled displays.


Limitless Resolution

uClient running on smart displays resolution is only limited by the display.



Smart displays make it simple to scale your visual display network.



LG and Tizen smart displays support wireless display connection .

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