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"I am really looking forward to doing another one (video wall) and another one and another one"

Smokin' Joe's Pub (USA)

Busy Florida sports bar creates immersive experience with window-style artistic video wall.
Smokin’ Joe’s, a busy pub in Sarasota, Florida, have created a 6-display 'window' video wall. They wanted a small profile installation that resembled a real window, so they embedded each pane into brick frames. This highly dynamic video wall transforms the guest experience and provides an immersive environment.

Brian Duarte, Managing Partner at Smokin' Joe's provides some insight into what motivated them to install this video wall, how they found the installation process, and how it has changed the pub's environment.

In the short time since they launched the video wall, patrons have really enjoyed the content showcased and the pub has already experienced a 24% increase in sales from last year. Duarte believes that the video wall has played a significant role.
Quick Facts

1 PC can power a video wall of up to 100 displays

Every display in the Userful Video Wall is connected to the network through a zero client device. Each device is about the size of a deck of cards.


Configure either a single large video wall, or a mix of smaller video walls and standalone displays.


Content can include up to 8k content, video, HTML5, 3D, live TV, full-screen browser, content from an integrated CMS, or even a desktop.


Video walls can be arranged in any orientation, allowing for eye-catching, free flowing artistic layouts with individual displays rotated to any angle.